Tell President Obama that Larry Summers Is Unfit to be Head of the Federal Reserve

Tell President Obama that Larry Summers Is Unfit to be Head of the Federal Reserve

Rumors are circulating that President Obama is planning to appoint Larry Summers to replace Ben Bernanke as head of the Federal Reserve. This would be a terrible mistake. As William Greider writes, by appointing Summers, the President would be "rewarding the same guys who got things disastrously wrong for the country—the Clinton-Rubin policy makers who danced to Wall Street’s tune of financial deregulation and collaborated with the Greenspan Fed and Wall Street to gut prudential regulation like the Glass-Steagall Act." In other words, the President would be rewarding the same guys who wrecked our economy.

Janet Yellen, the vice chair of the Federal Reserve Board in Washington and the other rumored frontrunner, would be a much better choice. She's a strong voice for job creation and assertions that she lacks the "toughness" or "gravitas" for the job reveal more about the sexism of her critics than they do about the deeply experienced economist. 

If our economy is ever going to truly recover, we must move forward, not back. Join The Nation in imploring President Obama not to appoint Larry Summers head of the Federal Reserve. 

Larry Summers
Larry Summers watches as President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden speak in the East Room of the White House on January 30, 2009. (REUTERS/Jason Reed)

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6481 1 year ago Anonymous Asheville, NC Janet Yellen, Mr President.
6480 1 year ago Isabel Melendez Clarksburg, MD It is time to make a change!!!!!
6479 1 year ago Anonymous
6478 1 year ago Barry Barkan NY Why not avoid "havin' a lotta 'splainin' to do" - by showing how much we've learned - and appoint Brooksley Borne?
6477 1 year ago David Pinckard Martinez, CA
6476 1 year ago Anonymous CA
6475 1 year ago Anonymous CA Dear President Obama,
Please appoint someone who cares about Main St., not Wall St.

Thank you.
6474 1 year ago eddie krall los angeles, CA
6473 1 year ago Terry Thomas TX Why don't we address the real problem? We need a Public Banking System. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 should be reversed. Crooks like Larry Summers would be employees of the public if appointed as...
6472 1 year ago Joyce Pomeroy Schwartz New York, NY I am a careful consistent reader of several newspapers and news magazines, daily. Larry Summers is absolutely not the right person for President Obama, whom I voted for twice, to annoint as Federal...
6471 1 year ago Anonymous Paso Robles, CA
6470 1 year ago joanne feaster mesa, AZ
6469 1 year ago Alice Thomas Sacramento, CA
6468 1 year ago Anonymous Washington, PA
6467 1 year ago Bruce Wade Shoreline, WA I've had enough of people who failed at their jobs being promoted.
6466 1 year ago Lynn Lee Santa Fe, NM
6465 1 year ago John Long Houston, TX
6464 1 year ago Jerry Levy Pompano Beach, FL
6463 1 year ago Alan Rudan Greenbelt, MD
6462 1 year ago Richard Ramspacher jupiter, FL This ,guy has shown how dumb he can be. Don't do it for all our good.
6461 1 year ago Dwight Johnson Orinda, CA
6460 1 year ago John Evans Malibu, CA
6459 1 year ago Anonymous New York, NY
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