Urge Your Representatives to Act on Gun Control

Urge Your Representatives to Act on Gun Control

After the tragic deaths at Sandy Hook Elementary School brought attention to the daily scourge of gun violence in the United States, members of the Nation Builders worked to draft an open letter to demand immediate action to enact reasonable and effective gun control in the United States. After reviewing over 500 posts by members of the Builders, members of the Nation staff finalized a statement that over 7800 Nation Builders chose to sign. Use the form below to send the letter to your state and federal representatives and urge them to act now!


Subject: Support Sane Gun Control
I would like to draw your attention to the statement on gun control legislation below, composed by the Nation Builders—dedicated supporters of The Nation magazine—and signed by over 7800 of their members. I wholeheartedly endorse this statement. As your constituent, I hope you will seriously take it into consideration as you decide what you will do to address gun violence in our country.

We, the undersigned Nation Builders—dedicated readers of The Nation Magazine— address this open letter at a pivotal moment in American history as our citizens’ safety is threatened like never before.

We are concerned citizens from all walks of life with diverse backgrounds and varying political ideologies. Some of us own guns. Yet we are united in our fury over recent mass killings—notably the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in December—along with hundreds of innocent deaths each day due to gun violence.

It is now our turn to be heard. The time for strictly regulating the sale, distribution, and ownership of guns is long overdue. In light of these horrific events, the arguments against regulation of guns—particularly assault weapons—have been laid bare, exposed as baseless and without merit. These killing machines do not promote public safety. They do not deter gun violence. And not a single mass slaying has been thwarted by such a gun.

Strict measures must be enacted NOW to reduce the lethality of guns. As such we ask you to join us in calling for:

· Immediate reinstatement of the federal assault weapons ban, with additional amendments made to prohibit the sale of oversized and high-capacity magazines

· Establishment of large scale buy-back programs for ALL firearms with incentives to encourage owners of legal handguns to also participate

· Strict regulation of ammunition sales

· Requirements for background checks and ATF-approved safety certification for anyone seeking to purchase a gun of any kind anywhere

To those who stubbornly reject gun regulations we say: we have tried your way. Yet the mass slaughter of innocents continues unabated. Our nation’s shame is a gun mortality rate that accounts for 80% of all gun deaths among the 23 wealthiest and most populous countries in the world.

In the past, we have listened to you, argued with you and even pleaded with you. But we plead no longer. We insist. We insist with our hearts and our minds. We protest with our wallets and our votes. We demand that you stand with us in peace and support sane gun regulation NOW.

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