Tell Congress: Fight the Appointment of Stephen Bannon

Stephen Bannon
Stephen Bannon (AP Photo/Danny Moloshok/Invision)

Members of Congress must oppose Donald Trump's appointment of Steve Bannon as White House chief strategist. There is no place in the White House for a white nationalist, anti-Semitic misogynist.

Historically, the appointment of the incoming president’s chief political strategist does not get much attention. But Bannon is getting attention—negative attention—and rightly so. It is not common that a top White House appointee arrives with messages of approval from David Duke, the former imperial wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Bannon led Breitbart News into becoming what one former editor called “a cesspool for white supremacist meme makers.” As People for the American Way president Michael Keegan argued: “by choosing Bannon as chief strategist, Trump has made clear that he intends to carry the racism and anti-Semitism of his campaign straight into the White House. The website Bannon ran is a home for the White Nationalist Right that elevates racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic tirades and conspiracy theories.”

The swift response of watchdog groups, religious activists, and progressives to the Bannon announcement has offered a powerful and needed indication that, though they may have been shocked by the election results, the opponents of Trumpism are far from giving up. Join the fight today by demanding that your elected representatives do everything in their power to stop Bannon’s appointment.

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