Act Now to Save the Open Internet

Four million comments to the FCC, a record number, have made an impact. The Wall Street Journal reported that the FCC has abandoned the undemocratic, corporate-championed proposal on net neutrality the agency announced in May. And President Obama has finally come out in support of rules that would truly protect Internet freedom.

Even with the president on our side, the ultimate decision rests with the FCC. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler—a former cable industry lobbyist—is reportedly still considering a “hybrid” plan that could leave us with exactly what we don’t want: fast lanes for the 1% and slow lanes for everybody else.

Advocates for net neutrality and President Obama agree: the only way to truly protect Internet freedom is by reclassifying broadband under the Communications Act. Only then will the FCC have the tools to prevent giant cable companies from dominating the freewheeling, dynamic Internet we’ve come to rely on. And only reclassification can ensure that organizations without corporate bankrolls—organizations like The Nation and RootsAction—can continue to survive and thrive online.

Write to the FCC now and demand that the agency protect real net neutrality. To amplify your call, use Fight for the Future’s tool to call the FCC directly.

The headquarters of the Federal Communications Commission. (Flickr/Federal Communications Commission)

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