Stand Up For Internet Freedom

No one likes a slow Internet connection. But if big cable companies have their way, you could see the “spinning wheel of death” whenever you try to check out start-ups, non-profits or independent media outlets like The Nation—basically any site which doesn’t have the extra funds to pay for “fast-lane” service. Instead of the freewheeling, dynamic place we know it to be, the Internet would become more like cable television, with giant corporations essentially choosing what you can and can’t see.

We can’t let this happen. Earlier this week, a coalition including organizations such as Fight for the Future, Demand Progress, Free Press Action Fund, Engine Advocacy, Reddit, Netflix and The Nation participated in the “Internet Slowdown.” All over the web, sites gave readers a taste of what it could feel like if we lose net neutrality and end up with a two-tiered Internet.

The Federal Communications Commission will be accepting public comments on net neutrality until September 15th. Send the message below or craft your own and demand that the FCC stand up for real net neutrality. The FCC is particularly interested in personal messages so be sure to add your thoughts on what net neutrality means to you as a business owner, student, activist or any other Internet user.

Note: By participating in this action, you will be filing a document into an official FCC proceeding. All information submitted, including names and addresses (you are not required to give your street address), will be publicly available via the web.

Battle for the NEt

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