Tell the FEC: Investigate Chevron's Donation to the Congressional Leadership Fund

During the 2012 election, the oil giant Chevron donated $2.5 million to the Congressional Leadership Fund, a Republican-aligned Super PAC dedicated to defeating House Democrats. Emblematic of the overwhelming influence of corporations in our elections, the contribution may have also been illegal.

The United States has long prohibited political donations by federal contractors, a necessary rule to fight corruption and “pay-to-play” politics. Since 2000, Chevron has received more than $1.4 billion in federal contracts.

Chevron claims that the donation was legal because it came from Chevron Corporation, a different company from Chevron USA, Inc., the beneficiary of their federal contracts. The advocacy organization Public Citizen has asserted that, even if that is the case, Chevron Corporation also received federal contracts in 2012. If those contracts were in force or being negotiated at the time of the donation, it was still illegal.

Whichever arm of Chevron the donation came from, the American public has a clear interest in policing the influx of corporate money into our democracy. This is especially true of the oil industry, which receives billions of dollars in subsidies each year and has a strong interest in halting much needed regulations and moves toward clean energy. Sign our open letter in support of Public Citizen’s call for the FEC to investigate Chevron’s donation and hold the oil giant accountable to all campaign finance laws.

A Chevron station

A gasoline tank driver moves a hose as he fills tanks at a Chevron petrol station. (Reuters/Fred Prouser)

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