President Obama: Extend Labor Protections to Homecare Workers

In December of 2011, President Obama announced that his administration would extend federal minimum wage and overtime protections to an estimated 2.5 million homecare workers.  Almost two years later, the rule changes to the “companionship exemption” of the Fair Labor Standards Act are still under final review by the White House Office of Management and Budget and the Department of Labor has held two public comment periods on the law. It is clear that the Obama administration should move faster; homecare workers currently make an average of $9.70 an hour and nearly 40% make so little that they must rely on Medicaid or food stamps.

Recently, Ai-jen Poo, the head of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, told The Nation that she believes the Obama administration may be ready to make the change by the end of the month. Sign our open letter to President Obama imploring him to fulfill his promise and extend minimum wage and overtime protections to homecare workers now. 

A homecare worker

A homecare worker in Miami, FL. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

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