Tell President Obama: Do Not Use Military Force in Iraq

As Iraq suffers again from a bloody sectarian conflict and potential civil war, many of the same pundits and politicians who supported the US invasion in 2003 are again advocating for military intervention. This is the wrong response. As Katrina vanden Heuvel wrote in her column for The Washington Post, "We learned in 2003 that when we move in with guns blazing, we tend to spark a lot more fires than we extinguish. In 2014, we cannot afford to learn this same lesson."

There have been numerous reports that President Obama is considering military involvement in Iraq. Even if limited to airstrikes, military action would inflame sectarian divisions in the country and would almost certainly kill civilians. Join The Nation, RootsAction and Iraq Veterans Against the War in telling the president to not use military force in Iraq.

An Iraqi funeral
An Iraqi mourner waves an old flag of Iraq during the funerals of victims killed in clashes with security forces in Falluja, January 26, 2013. (REUTERS/Thaier Al-Sudani)

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29468 5 days ago Eldon Ball Seattle, WA
29467 3 months ago Barbara Baker Poulsbo, WA
29466 3 months ago Anonymous Saratoga Springs, UT AND, please remind the American stupid/memory loss citizens of WHO started the Middle East "wars". And the cost which is also so easily forgotten. Obama, YOU did NOT start this war. In complying wi...
29465 3 months ago Patrick Sennello Zephyr Cove, NV
29464 4 months ago Brian V Calgary, AB
29463 4 months ago Sam You San Antonio, TX
29462 4 months ago NM Porter MI
29461 5 months ago wes howard Mesquite, TX
29460 5 months ago Ellen Wasfi Dover, DE
29459 5 months ago Ellen Wasfi Dover, DE
29458 6 months ago Sam Miller Phoenixville, PA
29457 6 months ago Sarah Domokos Longmont, CO
29456 6 months ago Honour Horne-Jaruk Kettering, OH
29455 6 months ago Anonymous lafayette, IN The way of peace they have not known!How do you teach love to a race of barbarians?
29454 6 months ago Anonymous Carlisle, PA
29453 6 months ago Ernest Thayer San Francisco, CA
29452 6 months ago Stacey Cannon Salisbury, NC
29451 6 months ago Ellen Wasfi Dover, DE
29450 6 months ago Terri Sufka Sauk Rapids, MN Dear President Obama,

Before I wrote to you against another war in Iraq because I didn't want you to have a bad name like former President Bush II. Now it is more because I don't want to p...
29449 6 months ago Terri Sufka Sauk Rapids, MN Hello President Obama,

I voted for you two times. I believed in you. I think you should leave the mess that is Iraq today up to the United Nations to decide and have nothing to do with th...
29448 6 months ago Niija Williams Miami, FL
29447 6 months ago Loree Mezzanatto CA
29446 6 months ago Micaƫl St-Denis Chute-Saint-Philippe, QC Ensembles pour l'Amour!!!
29445 6 months ago erin yarrobino OZINE PARK, NY
29444 6 months ago erin yarrobino OZINE PARK, NY
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