Tell President Obama: Do Not Use Military Force in Iraq

As Iraq suffers again from a bloody sectarian conflict and potential civil war, many of the same pundits and politicians who supported the US invasion in 2003 are again advocating for military intervention. This is the wrong response. As Katrina vanden Heuvel wrote in her column for The Washington Post, "We learned in 2003 that when we move in with guns blazing, we tend to spark a lot more fires than we extinguish. In 2014, we cannot afford to learn this same lesson."

There have been numerous reports that President Obama is considering military involvement in Iraq. Even if limited to airstrikes, military action would inflame sectarian divisions in the country and would almost certainly kill civilians. Join The Nation, RootsAction and Iraq Veterans Against the War in telling the president to not use military force in Iraq.

An Iraqi funeral
An Iraqi mourner waves an old flag of Iraq during the funerals of victims killed in clashes with security forces in Falluja, January 26, 2013. (REUTERS/Thaier Al-Sudani)

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29475 7 months ago Ken Molinkiewicz AZ
29474 9 months ago s b Rutland, VT
29473 10 months ago Rikhard Tanskanen Brighton, ON Greetings, Mr. President.

I understand your reasons to intervene in Iraq and Syria, to stop the genocide of the Yazidis and the Assyrians. But I nonetheless state my opposition to it.

Fourth of all, the Islamic State is no threat to us. It only threatens Iraq, Syria, and possibly Jordan, the Gulf States except Bahrain, which has of course a U.S military base, and Yemen, and the latter only with the support of al-Qaeda. Egypt under Sisi, no longer cumbered by the incompetent dictator Mubarak, the transitional leader Tantawi, or the democratic president Morsi, can easily defeat the Islamic State, as can Iran under Rouhani or Turkey under Erdogan. The only interest they threaten in the Islamic world is oil, and that can be prevented if you simply state that the United States will be neutral in all of North African, Western Asian, South Asian, Central Asian, and Southeast Asian affairs, apologize for all actions that the U.S has taken in the Islamic world since the end of the Second World War, and state that the U.S will buy oil from anyone. Of course, this will also mean neutrality in the Arab-Israeli and the Jewish-Palestinian conflict, which a poll in 2008 stated the around 73% (I can\'t remember the exact number) of Americans wanted. This neutrality, and hence sanctions on Israel to make sure that a peace deal is in place, will ensure peace in Israel and Palestine. The best bet would be to use the 1947 U.N Partition plan for Mandatory Palestine - one smaller half for Israel, one larger half for Palestine, and Jerusalem and its surrounding areas to be international. To make sure that the Islamic world won\'t see this as abandoning your allies after they lose, you should end all debt in the Islamic world, and withdraw all corporations that are not oil or natural gas corporations (such as MacDonalds), and end American cultural influence in the Islamic world by forbidding anything culturally American being sold or advertised in the Islamic world, and by forbidding any American television, Internet, or radio program, show, or film (short and feature-length) being shown, sold, or advertised in the Islamic world. Al\' Qaeda isn\'t even a threat to us, as it has "only" killed a few people each year, and only in response to U.S actions, such as U.S troops in Saudi Arabia from 1990 to 2002, and due to grievances, as mentioned previously. If you did all of that, the "threat" from the Islamic State and al-Qaeda would disappear, as they would have no reason to kill American civilians or not sell the U.S oil and presumably natural gas, and besides, if they ever do take over countries they will need to trade oil and natural gas to survive. You will do all of this, on the condition that they do not kill any more of the persecuted Yazidis or Assyrians, or Arameans in the Syrian town of Ma\'loula and the two surrounding Aramean towns for that matter, or destroy cultural monuments or sell cultural relics. Since they will have no choice, as they need trade to survive, and there will be no need for them to sell cultural relics if they sell more lucrative oil and natural gas, they will agree. I should say I support and independent Kurdistan, stretching from Kurdish traditional territories in Turkey and Syria to Kurdish traditional territories in Iraq and Iran, which will also be for the Yazidis, for they are Kurdish, and should be granted autonomy due to their uniqueness, and an independent Assyria.

I ask you to take my points into regard.

Yours sincerely,

Rikhard Ravindra Tanskanen.'); return false;">...
29472 1 year ago Russ Green Upper Lake, CA
29471 1 year ago Larry McChesney Warren, CT This is a "war" that will continue FOREVER! Please, do not get involved there again. Those folks don't really want to fight for their own country, so why should we go fight and die there?
29470 1 year ago Barbara Baker Poulsbo, WA
29469 1 year ago Anonymous Saratoga Springs, UT AND, please remind the American stupid/memory loss citizens of WHO started the Middle East "wars". And the cost which is also so easily forgotten. Obama, YOU did NOT start this war. In complying wi...
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