Concerned About Climate Change? Take Action to Stop Cove Point

You've heard of Keystone XL but have you heard of Cove Point? While it hasn't garnered the same amount of attention as the infamous pipeline, the proposed $3.8 billion liquid natural gas (LNG) export facility would do serious damage to the local environment and could put the United States on the path to massively increasing our greenhouse gas emissions.

The proposed Cove Point export facility in southern Maryland just fifty miles from the White House would turn natural gas into a liquid to be sent overseas. Much of that natural gas would be obtained through fracking, giving companies a huge incentive to expand the dangerous practice. Furthermore, while natural gas has been sold as a clean alternative to coal, the facility at Cove Point would trigger more planet-heating pollution than all seven of Maryland's coal plants combined. Finally, while its proponents no doubt want to paint Cove Point as a potential boon for the economy, only the gas industry stands to profit; a recent study commissioned by the Department of Energy found that exporting US gas would raise the price here at home by as much as 27 percent. 

According to the International Energy Agency and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, if we're to limit global warming to just 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit above preindustrial levels (a level that avoids climate catastrophe, according to scientists), about two-thirds of the earth's remaining fossil fuels need to stay underground. In the struggle to mitigate the effects of climate change, Cove Point would take us backwards. We need to move forward.

Activists at the Chesapeake Climate Action Network are working tirelessly to make sure that the Cove Point facility never comes to pass and that Maryland instead embraces clean energy alternatives. Join them in calling on President Obama to reverse course on his support of LNG exports.

Protest agaisnt Cove Point
(Robert Meyers)

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5533 5 hours ago Anonymous Brewer, ME
5532 6 days ago William Posey Ranchos de taos, NM Trusting for profit corporations to pump millions of gallons of unknown, undisclosed chemicals into the water table of the earth is reckless beyond reason. LNG being shipped to make money for 1% whi...
5531 1 week ago Margaret Swezey Durham, NC Please stop Cove Point! Liquified natural gas threatens the water supply, and the Cove Point would undoubtedly damage the local environment. We should be investing in renewable energy, not fossil fu...
5530 1 week ago David Abram
5529 1 week ago Richard Phelps AL
5528 2 weeks ago nancy galloway albuquerque, NM
5527 2 weeks ago Donna Davey New York, NY
5526 3 weeks ago Leslie de Vries Annapolis, MD The Chesapeake and it's biological heritage are dying. It would be hard for me to enact this legislation, and it must be hard for you. But allowing this to go through continues to ensure that our ...
5525 3 weeks ago Dennis Stansell Suches , GA
5524 3 weeks ago Lawrence Yox Eugene, OR
5523 3 weeks ago Anonymous
5522 3 weeks ago John Primrose Bellingham,
5521 4 weeks ago Robert Weingart Powell, OH
5520 4 weeks ago Mary Hufford Bala Cynwyd, PA
5519 4 weeks ago James Ploger Seattle, WA
5518 4 weeks ago Michael O'Neill Tacoma, WA Enough DIRTY money has been handed over to these CROOKS. Stand up for once and say NO!!!
5517 4 weeks ago Marcia Spielholz Beverly Hills, CA
5516 4 weeks ago Wynn Wyman Arlington Heights, IL
5515 4 weeks ago Peggy Jayne Ocean View, HI Are we going to fight climate change or are we going to let this lovely blue planet turn into a desert?!
5514 1 month ago Jack Blum Annapolis, MD Making matters worse is the sloppily run nuclear reactor next door. The combination of the two facilities is a study in reguatory stupidity.
5513 1 month ago Anonymous new york, NY GOP RAPES USA!!
5512 1 month ago jeff ellenberger new york, NY FRACKING CAUSES ABORTIONS!!!!!!
5511 1 month ago jeff ellenberger new york, NY PLEASE DISTRIBUTE THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE WIDELY:
Fracking causes ABORTIONS
Fracking kills BIRDS, WILDLIFE, and PEOPLE


5510 1 month ago Jody Veith Cincinnati, OH
5509 1 month ago Anonymous
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