Demand a Senate Investigation into America's Secret Government

Senator Dianne Feinstein's allegations that the CIA spied on a Senate investigation of torture under the Bush administration raise serious questions regarding the separation of powers and Congress's ability to monitor our intelligence agencies. And the allegations are only the latest in a series of revelations that show that the United States' secret government is out of control. From our country's actions in the years following 9/11 to the mass surveillance exposed by Edward Snowden, the need for a full accounting of the abuses of our intelligence agencies has become crystal clear.

In the mid-1970s, a Senate select committee known as the Church Committee uncovered CIA plans to assassinate foreign leaders and FBI spying on and intimidation of peace and civil rights activists, including Martin Luther King, Jr.. Recently, Frederick A.O. Schwarz Jr., the chief counsel for that committee and recent recipient of the Ridenhour Courage Prize, took to the pages of The Nation to call for a "new Church Committee," one that would serve as "a new nonpartisan, fact-based and comprehensive investigation of our secret government."

The need for more comprehensive scrutiny of our intelligence operations becomes more apparent every day. Join The Nation and Daily Kos in calling on Congress to launch an independent investigation into America's secret government.

(Reuters/Larry Downing)

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12178 9 months ago Lori Alicie Rochester, NY
12177 1 year ago Joseph DeSimone Golden, CO No people can remain free for long when their government feels entitled to ignore their rights at will and to hide its crimes behind a wall of secrets and excuses. Investigate and try everyone invo...
12176 1 year ago Michael Fleury Jeffersonville, VT
12175 1 year ago Ken Burritt Albany, NY
12174 1 year ago Anonymous Miami, FL
12173 1 year ago Anonymous Baltimore, MD
12172 1 year ago Paul Trepes Hammondsport, NY The CIA is only supposed to do its spying outside the borders of the USA.
12171 1 year ago Anonymous Congress will not investigate itself or the shadow government and the domestic operations it funds and supports in almost complete yet open secrecy.
12170 1 year ago Lee Davis Portland, OR Wiki Leaks proves the US has To many Secrets.
12169 1 year ago kitty leonard Stop this shadow government bankrolled by the .01% world bankers.
12168 1 year ago Anonymous Ann Arbor, MI
12167 1 year ago Cyndie Alexander Lake Charles, LA
12166 1 year ago richard kalbus boise, ID
12165 1 year ago David Jenkins Hillsboro, OR
12164 1 year ago Roscoe Jackson Jackson, TN They are servants of the People.
12163 1 year ago Dale Evans Waimanalo, HI In the spirit of openness, transparency, and honest government, this does not seem like too much to ask. Please consider joining this action.
12162 1 year ago Dan Larkin Vancouver, WA
12161 1 year ago David Braden Oklahoma City, OK
12160 1 year ago Christine Springer Fresno, CA While we weren't paying attention we let corruption creep in and take America away from the people and let corporation loot this country and devastate its population and resources for private profit...
12159 1 year ago Anonymous Speeway, IN
12158 1 year ago Linda Albers Elk Grove Village, IL
12157 1 year ago Jeanne Healy
12156 1 year ago Anonymous Royal Oak, MI
12155 1 year ago Anonymous
12154 1 year ago jim rivera HI
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