Demand a Senate Investigation into America's Secret Government

Senator Dianne Feinstein's allegations that the CIA spied on a Senate investigation of torture under the Bush administration raise serious questions regarding the separation of powers and Congress's ability to monitor our intelligence agencies. And the allegations are only the latest in a series of revelations that show that the United States' secret government is out of control. From our country's actions in the years following 9/11 to the mass surveillance exposed by Edward Snowden, the need for a full accounting of the abuses of our intelligence agencies has become crystal clear.

In the mid-1970s, a Senate select committee known as the Church Committee uncovered CIA plans to assassinate foreign leaders and FBI spying on and intimidation of peace and civil rights activists, including Martin Luther King, Jr.. Recently, Frederick A.O. Schwarz Jr., the chief counsel for that committee and recent recipient of the Ridenhour Courage Prize, took to the pages of The Nation to call for a "new Church Committee," one that would serve as "a new nonpartisan, fact-based and comprehensive investigation of our secret government."

The need for more comprehensive scrutiny of our intelligence operations becomes more apparent every day. Join The Nation and Daily Kos in calling on Congress to launch an independent investigation into America's secret government.

(Reuters/Larry Downing)

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12093 6 hours ago Gerry Cullen Mission, KS
12092 2 days ago William G Gonzalez Suffern, NY To: U.S. Senate:
Demand a Deep Investigation into America's Secret Government!
12091 5 days ago Anonymous port saint lucie, FL
12090 1 week ago Elizabeth Schwerdtle Hailey, ID I hope all members of Congress see the movie Citizenfour, then WAKE UP and start protecting we the people from the nightmarish spectacle of unchecked state power. Isn't that their job?
12089 3 weeks ago Steve Bannick Crested Butte, CO
12088 3 weeks ago james slaby Diberville, MS The CIA is never supposed to operate in this country. nThere needs to be more oversight and transparency about everything. No elected official or appointee has the right to deprive us of the truth.
12087 3 weeks ago Eric Grosshans
12086 3 weeks ago Kathleen McTeigue Santa Rosa, CA
12085 3 weeks ago Anonymous Forest Grove, OR
12084 4 weeks ago Peggy Jayne Ocean View, HI The people at the CIA have not been elected to any government office. They should NOT be running our country.
12083 4 weeks ago robert thomas rowland heights, CA An independent investigation of our intelligence agencies is long overdue. The time is now.
12082 1 month ago Carl Cundy Custer, SD
12081 1 month ago Matthew Melin San Diego, CA End massive data collection and storage of hundreds of millions of American citizens. Restore our rights afforded to us under the constitution of the United States.
12080 1 month ago JD FOOS OLALLA, WA
12079 1 month ago Anonymous Crested Butte, CO And we must overturn Citizens United immediately, and break up the media conglomerates so we can start having real journalism to educate the citizens of this country about the out of control governm...
12078 1 month ago Kip Winter CT
12077 1 month ago Anonymous
12076 1 month ago Anonymous
12075 1 month ago K. Arnone Brooklyn, NY
12074 1 month ago Carol Hobbs Kansas City, MO
12073 1 month ago K. Arnone Brooklyn, NY
12072 2 months ago M Solomon II harrisburg, PA we slip more and more into authoritarian corporate-fascism every single day. Only the light of transparency has any hope of saving us (and comprehensive public election finance)
12071 2 months ago Dennis Ingham Marenisco, MI
12070 2 months ago Karla Lauritsen LaPorte, CO
12069 2 months ago Joe Beverly Reno, NV My signature on this petition is not to be construed as an endorsement of the comments made by the other petition signers.
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