President Obama: Give Federal Contract Workers a Raise

President Obama: Give Federal Contract Workers a Raise

As his 2014 State of the Union address nears, President Obama has said that he's willing to use executive actions to circumvent a gridlocked Congress and to take real steps to fight inequality. He should start by giving a raise to millions of federal contract workers.

According to the National Employment Law Center (NELP), three out of four workers in service-industry federal contract jobs make less than $10 per hour and only eleven percent have employer-provided health insurance. Of the workers that NELP spoke to for their study, fifty-six percent admitted to having trouble paying their monthly bills. An executive action ensuring these workers are paid a living wage would go a long way. 

A large majority of Americans support raising the minimum wage for all workers. However, an increase nationwide would require an act of Congress. While lawmakers drag their feet, President Obama could take concrete action to ensure that millions of workers paid with tax payer dollars are given a fair shake. Join us in calling on President Obama to give federal contract workers a raise. 

Federally contracted workers strike earlier this year
Federally contracted workers strike in July of 2013. Courtesy of GoodJobsNation.org

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4715 8 months ago Anonymous guilford, Vt, VT
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4713 9 months ago Terry Arndt Beaverton, OR
4712 10 months ago Ian Brown Cheadle, ot Giving people a living wage is better for the economy than all of the 1% richest people.
4711 11 months ago Caryn Cowin South Pasadena, CA
4710 11 months ago Ken W Qns, NY
4709 11 months ago Mark Lungo Berea, OH
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4698 12 months ago Matthew Franck Highland Park, NJ
4697 12 months ago Carolyn Lilly San Diego, CA It's right and it's fair.
4696 12 months ago Teresa Koschmeder Lawrenceburg, IN
4695 12 months ago Anonymous St. Paul, MN
4694 12 months ago John Thomas Victorville, CA
4693 12 months ago John Fortier Redondo Beach, CA Do it and do it now. Quit posturing, beating your chest and saying what you will do while people suffer and starve.
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