Tell the New York City Council: Pass the Community Safety Act

 At first glance, the NYPD's reliance on stop-and-frisk appears to be on its last legs. A federal judge ruled the practice unconstitutional and New York City mayoral candidates are suddenly eager to condemn it. But there's still work to be done. Earlier this summer, Mayor Michael Bloomberg vetoed the Community Safety Act, an initiative that would ban discriminatory profiling by the NYPD and establish oversight over the Department. The mayor, who has defended the NYPD's practice of targeting communities of color, continues to use his considerable power to defeat the law. 

The New York City Council is expected to hold on override vote on the Community Safety Act on Thursday, August 22. Join The Nation in calling on the Council to pass this vital piece of legislation. Then take a minute to call your Council member to make sure they know where you stand and be sure to lend your support to Communities United for Police Reform

(AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

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