Tell President Obama that Larry Summers Is Unfit to be Head of the Federal Reserve

Tell President Obama that Larry Summers Is Unfit to be Head of the Federal Reserve

Rumors are circulating that President Obama is planning to appoint Larry Summers to replace Ben Bernanke as head of the Federal Reserve. This would be a terrible mistake. As William Greider writes, by appointing Summers, the President would be "rewarding the same guys who got things disastrously wrong for the country—the Clinton-Rubin policy makers who danced to Wall Street’s tune of financial deregulation and collaborated with the Greenspan Fed and Wall Street to gut prudential regulation like the Glass-Steagall Act." In other words, the President would be rewarding the same guys who wrecked our economy.

Janet Yellen, the vice chair of the Federal Reserve Board in Washington and the other rumored frontrunner, would be a much better choice. She's a strong voice for job creation and assertions that she lacks the "toughness" or "gravitas" for the job reveal more about the sexism of her critics than they do about the deeply experienced economist. 

If our economy is ever going to truly recover, we must move forward, not back. Join The Nation in imploring President Obama not to appoint Larry Summers head of the Federal Reserve. 

Larry Summers
Larry Summers watches as President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden speak in the East Room of the White House on January 30, 2009. (REUTERS/Jason Reed)

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6506 1 year ago Bob Segal Tucson, AZ
6505 1 year ago Carol Kelly-thomas Berkeley, CA Please head Robert Reichs advise.
Do not allow Summers to use you and your efforts to stabilize tha bankig system
6504 1 year ago Alan Kilmartin Sherman Oaks, CA Please appoint Janet Yellin to this position. She would much better represent the majority of the country - the dwindling middle class.


Alan Kilmartin
6503 1 year ago Sigmund Finman Canonsburg, PA His appointment means you inherit the suffering this would cause. It's your inevitable karma.
6502 1 year ago Deb Meeker Newfield, NY While it was just reported that Summers withdrew his name, it would still have been the only thing to do. NO to larry Summers! Please nominate Janet Yellen. The perfect choice.
6501 1 year ago Kevin Erickson Northglenn, CO Do not choose Summers, he is partially responsible for the collapse of the economy. He supported the deregulation that led to this disaster. Choose Janet Yellen, she saw this disaster coming and has...
6500 1 year ago Dan Rostan Nyack, NY OMG not Summers!!! Anything but him!
6499 1 year ago Anonymous flushing, MI I implore you, respectfully, Mr. President, to appoint Janet Yellen to head the Federal Reserve and NOT Larry Summers, who has revealed himself to be maniacally egotistical, dismissive and deeply mi...
6498 1 year ago James Meredith AR
6497 1 year ago Anonymous Seattle, WA To appoint Summers is a complete betrayal of all the promises made to help working Americans and indicative of the endemic corruption in Washington and alliance with big money interests operating a ...
6496 1 year ago Anonymous
6495 1 year ago Nancy Williamson Greenbank, WA
6494 1 year ago Winnie Shy Walnut Creek, CA
6493 1 year ago Robert Uhlenhake I support Janet Yellen as the best qualified candidate to head our Federal Reserve. She knows the job from her years of experience in this institution, and she understands the second main purpose o...
6492 1 year ago Anonymous No to the man who led the dismantling of Glass-Steagall and opposed the regulation of derivatives!
6491 1 year ago John Medina Denver, CO
6490 1 year ago Anonymous MB, FL Dear President Obama,

I support Janet Yellen as Head of our Federal Reserve. For our Country and our sons and daughter's daughters and sons. She is the best choice.
6489 1 year ago William Duff Flat Rock, NC He made fools of the public once, but never again. Reject this candidate & get someone that support the average person & not Wall Street & the Banksters!
6488 1 year ago Sarah Quinn Fairfield, IA
6487 1 year ago michael dan los angeles, CA do not appoint summers; he is anti people, anti consumer and helped destroy the safeguards of glass-steagll....support the little guy and nominate janet yellen
6486 1 year ago Karen Milliken Elizabeth, CO
6485 1 year ago Cindy Nelson YELLEN for Yellen!
6484 1 year ago Rodger Larson New York, NY
6483 1 year ago Anonymous Mr. President- Sheila Bair, Janet Yellen, Brooksley Borne . . .
6482 1 year ago Howard Richardson Halifax, MA
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