Thank North Carolina's Moral Monday Protesters for Standing Up for Justice

This year, the GOP took power in the North Carolina state house and governor's mansion for the first time since Reconstruction. Once in office, Republicans didn't lose any time implementing a radical right-wing agenda. In the past two months, they have declined the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act, ended unemployment benefits for 71,000 people, repealed a law that allowed death-row inmates to challenge sentences based on racial bias and pushed for a host of voting restrictions that threaten to disenfranchise college students and people of color. 

Legislators even attempted to impose draconian restrictions on abortion rights by attaching them first to so-called "anti-Sharia" legislation and then to a motorcycle safety bill. 

In the face of all of this, the people of North Carolina are fighting back. Beginning on April 29, a coalition lead by the North Carolina NAACP has been staging inspiring weekly nonviolent protests at their statehouse, called Moral Mondays. So far, more than 900 activists have been arrested. 

Join The Nation in thanking the Moral Monday protesters and telling them we've got their back. Then, if you can, head to the North Carolina NAACP and give a donation to keep Moral Mondays going strong. 

Moral Monday protesters
Moral Monday activists, including the original 17 protesters. (Eric Etheridge) 

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2417 7 months ago Dora Christopulos Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. What you are doing is incredibly inspiring.
2416 7 months ago Phyllis Mount Southbury, CT A beacon of light in the darkness in this country. More power to you!
2415 11 months ago C M Ashley That voting is not an automatic right for all citizens, free or incarcerated is one of the barbarisms of the U.S. Real punishment for those who try to impede voters is necessary.
2414 1 year ago Rebecca Craig Citrus Heights, CA Keep the pressure on and thank you!
2413 1 year ago James Wright Phoenix, AZ I am a senior citizen who for the first time have a different perspective of the NAACP. When I was a young man of 22 years of age I attempted to volunteer in some capacity with this organization. I ...
2412 1 year ago Fernando Benitez NC Strength in numbers are feared and noticed. Courage for what you believe in, is priceless. Stand up and fight for your rights!
2411 2 years ago Sarah Apfel New York, NY
2410 2 years ago robert moore azusa, CA we must pay for our freedom with blood. AGAIN!
2409 2.1 years ago Cynthia Blake Foresthill, CA We STAND with you!!
2408 2.1 years ago Julia Dahl SACRAMENTO, CA Thank you for standing up for all of us. Pray for strength to keep going.
2407 2.1 years ago Deanna Baker I am so proud of you. I am a history person and know that the masses winning on ANY level is a rarity. I am very anxious that your engagement does not end, but grows and spreads to other poor southe...
2406 2.2 years ago Tekla Broz Covelo, CA I would like to join you in your work in North Carolina. I have a month in the summer 2014 that I can help register voters, march, and help your organization in any way I can. I am an elementary s...
2405 2.3 years ago Kathryn Uster AZ Wonderful speech! I watched it in its entirety on Free Speech TV. I'm on board in the red state AZ. We have to all be the change and grassroots is the start in every state. The OCCUPY Movement could...
2404 2.3 years ago Fred Hurtado Tucson, AZ Please send me an email and tell me where I can donate money to the cause. Thank you.
2403 2.3 years ago Betsy L Angert FL
2402 2.3 years ago James Holpp NC I would greatly encourage the "Moral Monday" movement to take up the Republican Mantra and use it against them in the 2014 mid-term elections and the 2016 Presidential elections. Their mantra from t...
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