Tell Secretary of State John Kerry: Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

Tell Secretary of State John Kerry: Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

It's still entirely unclear if the Keystone XL pipeline can be built and managed safely. Moreover, its construction would delay the critical conversion to a non-fossil fuel based economy on which our future depends. Secretary of State John Kerry, who once spoke out bravely against the Vietnam War and who has stressed the dangers of climate change, could stop it. Sometime in the next couple of months, the State Department will issue a final environmental impact statement on the pipeline, followed by a determination on whether it is “in the national interest." Sign our open letter urging Secretary Kerry to consider his legacy and to find the courage to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. 

Protest against the Keystone XL pipeline

Demonstrators march during a protest against the Keystone XL Pipeline (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) 

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Number Date Name Location
5453 10 months ago Catherine McCrary Asheville, NC
5452 11 months ago Anonymous East Hartford, CT Apparently, Keystone will benefit Koch Industries the most, beginning with Flint Hills in Canada and ending in Corpus Christi, TX. Please say 'NO' to this environmental time bomb.
5451 12 months ago Johanna Thommen Sacramento, CA
5450 12 months ago Kenneth Ward Norton Shores, MI Kill it now. The benefits are small, the risk is too great.
5449 1 year ago Sue Ann Lorig Los Gatos, CA
5448 1 year ago Anonymous Flower Mound, TX This is a disaster waiting to happen. Do the right thing and stop this now!!!
5447 1 year ago Anonymous TX, Reject the pipeline please!
5446 1 year ago Julia Carey Woodside, NY
5445 1 year ago Michael D. D. White Brooklyn, NY
5444 1 year ago Mary E. Stone Montague, CA Remember Seward's Folly? Not such folly after all. Those who cannot or will not see beyond 'business as usual' have nothing of value to contribute to this analysis. You once proved yourself to be a ...
5443 1 year ago Melinda Unyi Chicago Heights, IL We must stop destroying our land. Please stand up to the big money corporations and special interest groups. STOP THE PIPELINE.
5442 1 year ago Robbie Sheehy Turlock, CA
5441 1 year ago Spencer Harper Atlanta, GA Why is the State Dept. and not the Interior or Commerce Dept. involved in this issue in the first place? Let the EPA handle this and hopefully do its job right.
5440 1 year ago Ben Pressman Drumright, OK
5439 1 year ago Anonymous
5438 1 year ago Richard Arthure Boulder, CO
5437 1 year ago Linda Lewis Halifax, NS May the USA + Canada turn to green sources of energy at long last. Dirty oil in vulnerable pipelines is asking for further environmental degradation.
5436 1 year ago Barbara Weinberg
5435 1 year ago Margery Lynch Boulder, CO
5434 1 year ago Robert Scott Palm Beach Gardens, FL
5433 1 year ago William Haas Boulder, CO
5432 1 year ago Bill Douglas Boulder, CO
5431 1 year ago Terry Henderson Cape Breton, NS
5430 1 year ago Bruce Wauchope Hubley, NS I am a citizen of the US and Canada. I encourage you to please have the courage to speak out for a long-term view. Thank you.
5429 1 year ago Irene Lorch-Wauchope Hubley, NS Canadians are held hostage by Harper's pro petro government. The tarsands are destroying Alberta and can destroy our atmosphere. Stop the pipeline, pleeeeaaaase!
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