Support Indiana University Strikers

On April 11th and 12th, while the Indiana University Board of Trustees hold their annual meeting, students and staff throughout the statewide system will walk out of class and off the job. In preparation, the strikers have released a list of wide-ranging demands targeting their university:

  • 1. Immediately reduce tuition and eliminate fees.

  • 2. Stop privatization and outsourcing at IU.

  • 3. End the wage freeze [i.e., stagnant wages for faculty and staff].

  • 4. Honor its promise to double the enrollment of African-American students to 8%.

  • 5. Support the abolition of both HB1402 [which prevents undocumented students from receiving in-state tuition] and SB590 [an immigration law enforcement bill styled after Arizona's SB 1070].

The issues confronting the Indiana University strikers—rising tuition costs, a lack of commitment to diversity and barriers facing undocumented students—are clearly national in scope and deserve advocates across the country. Sign our petition in support of their demands, then write a letter expressing your solidarity with the strikers to the Indiana Daily Student at You can also head to their donation site to help them out with much-needed supplies.  

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